Why should you get a free credit report from Experian or Equifax?

Most of us have taken out a loan or have been offered a line of credit from the lending institutions that we do business with. Making payments promptly when you receive an invoice or statement determines your credibility. The amount and length of credit allowed and the potential savings that can be derived from getting a better repayment deal are directly related.

Before lending money based on your detailed request, the lender usually checks the credit status of the borrower with one or more of the bureaus that collect data about a person’s bill paying practices and debts. The credit bureaux will have some information on you if you have had dealings with other financial institutions in the past. The information is gathered without any influence from your side and you may have quite a large credit file at the agencies with all the details relating to your financial dealings over the years. These bureaus rate you and report the details that they have collected about your practices from banks and other financial institutions.

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Their credit reports are credible as the data is drawn from multiple sources and therefore presents a very accurate picture of an individual’s creditworthiness. Some credit rating agencies use as many as forty different sources to find out more details about your financial dealings especially your spending and repayment patterns. To put it differently it is all an attempt to map your future financial behaviour based on past patterns. The report that you get from the agencies like Experian and Equifax is a very important factor that will determine your capability to get a loan from a financial institution in the country.

The credit rating agencies use different models to assess an individual’s financial capabilities. For instance, the postcode of your home address may be used by the agencies to get an indication of your economic background and can be extrapolated to assess your reliability with the use of some heuristic financial models. This just shows that your credit report is built up using many different economic and social indicators. This is done to increase the credibility of the process and to make sure that the credit report that is made available to the financial institutions can be readily used by them in deciding your request for a loan.

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The lenders use these credit reports that they get from the agencies as an indicator and their final decision will be based on a host of other criteria which differs according to the risk perception that these institutions have. But a good score definitely will give you an edge when you approach the loan officer of a financial institution with a request for a loan. A good credit score cannot be built overnight and you have to have a steady appetite for credit if you are to build yourself a good credit report.

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